So Donald Trump Called Hillary A Bigot

Yes, it’s true.  Donald Trump, at a rally in Mississippi, declared that Hillary Clinton is a bigot.  Why?  Because she “only sees minorities as votes, not people.”  And lest you think we’re making this up, there’s video of it – everywhere, including the hilarious look on one woman’s face when he says it.

Okay, so let’s take the comment at face value.  Is she a bigot?  Well, to pull just one of her accomplishments out of her history, as First Lady, she helped to spearhead a law that led to covering more than 8 million children – regardless of race – who weren’t previously covered.  The law is referred to as SCHIP, for State Children’s Health Insurance Program, and is what has helped many, many children since it started.

Currently the percentage of minority children in the United States is about 50.2%, according to 2014 figures.  So overall, Hillary Clinton has helped more than 4 million minority children in the United States.  Does this sound like something a bigot would do?

Contract that with Donald Trump.  The same Donald Trump who said that blacks are lazy.  Who said he didn’t trust black people to count his money.  The same Donald Trump who refused to rent to black people (though he was quick to point out the settlement for this discrimination “didn’t amount to a guilty verdict”.

So tell me, which one of these two people sound like a bigot?  It’s not Hillary Clinton, that’s for sure.

The Best 2016 Election Site You May Not Be Reading

So everyone knows about and all the major news sites, and probably faithfully visit them to get the latest news about the 2016 race for the White House.  But there’s one site that seems to be lower on the radar, and yet it doesn’t deserve to be.  Why?  Because it is not only consistently updated on a daily basis, but it’s probably some of the best analysis of what is going on, as well as what to expect in the coming days. As a news aggregate site from multiple sources that is used to formulate and hypothesize, it’s honestly second to none.

I’m talking about of course.

I followed this site religiously in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential race, as well as the 2010 and 2014 Senate races.  The insight here is very well done, and I cannot recommend it enough.  I’m not affiliated with the site in any way; I’m just an admirer.

So check out and see what you’ve been missing!

And Yet Ben Carson Gets Even Crazier

So, did you hear that because Germany had gun control laws back in the 1930s, that allowed Hitler to take power and kill millions of Jews?  No?  Well it’s what Ben Carson is saying.  But why would he say something like that?

Because it’s a dog-whistle talking point to get votes.  “They’re coming for your guns!” is the rallying cry, and suckers fall for it every time.

But Ben Carson doesn’t care about that.  Even if Politifact declares it “False” (their term – I call it a big fat lie), he doesn’t care.  All he cares about is getting another few percentage points in support.

Ben Carson: Self Admitted Attempted Murderer?

I was reading a bit by Lindsey Graham, who so eloquently said:

“On our side, you’ve got the No. 2 guy tried to kill someone at 14 and the No. 1 guy is high energy and crazy as hell,” Graham said. “How am I losing to these people?

I knew about the crazy as hell, since that refers to Donald Trump.  But Doctor Ben Carson, who is now riding high in the first position in Iowa, tried to kill someone?  Well, I looked into it, and Lindsey Graham is right.

To quote from the CNN story:

“As a teenager, I would go after people with rocks, and bricks, and baseball bats, and hammers. And, of course, many people know the story when I was 14 and I tried to stab someone,” Carson said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Are you kidding me?  Carson admits that when he was 14, he tried to kill someone – and this guy is topping the polls for the Republican nomination?

Want even more scary news?  Check out ThinkProgress’ awesome “13 Ridiculous Things Ben Carson Actually Believes.”

Rick Santorum owes every Columbine survivor an apology

And their families, too!

In trying to defend the bigoted Kim Davis, who refused to allow her or her staff to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, Rick Santorum seriously stuck his foot in his mouth.  He tried to say that what Kim Davis went through was the exact same thing that one of the people killed in Columbine – shot because of her religious beliefs – that both situations are comparable, and equal.

He couldn’t be more wrong.  If you want to make a comparison, then compare her to George Wallace, standing in the doorways at the University of Alabama, decreeing “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”  Because if there’s a comparison, that is the closest.

And then there were…I don’t know, 17?

In case you haven’t heard it yet, Scott Walker has dropped out of the 2016 Republican  clown-car of candidates.  Not a surprise, when he’s been polling in the low, low, low, single digits (his last poll came out where he was statistically at zero percent support).

So who are the Koch Brothers going to funnel their money to now that Walker is out?

Bernie Sanders Speech at Liberty University

If you didn’t get a chance to watch Bernie Sanders at Liberty University, then here is your chance.  It’s embedded below, and absolutely well worth the 27+ minutes.  Sanders, a man of Jewish heritage, takes his economic inequality speech to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, and makes the religious case for economic equality amongst all Americans.

Scott Walker, College Dropout

In talking about how we really don’t need a minimum wage tonight, Scott Walker said that people should get paid more for the higher technically challenging jobs that they do.  And they can qualify for those jobs by getting additional education – like from college.

Scott Walker, college dropout, wants the most prestigious, hardest job in the world.

And did I mention he’s a college dropout?

Jeb Bush Has His 47% Moment

So everyone remembers when Mitt “Corporations are people, my friend” Romney’s campaign started to go down in flames when the infamous 47% discussion – that was supposed to be private – went public.  That really was the beginning of the end for Mitt’s chances at the Presidency.

Well turns out Jeb Bush just had his 47% moment, or as the Washington Post so eloquently put it, “Jeb Bush suffers from Foot in Mitt Disease“.  Jeb, though in public to the New Hampshire Union Leader and not to a private meeting, said of American workers:

people need to work longer hours and, through their productivity, gain more income for their families.

So in other words, American workers are slackers.  If they’d just do their job, they’ll be okay.

Hillary Clinton knocked it out of the park when she countered with this quote:

Well, he must not have met very many American workers.  Let him tell that to the nurse who stands on her feet all day, or the teacher who is in that classroom, or the trucker who drives all night. Let him tell that to the fast-food workers marching in the streets for better pay. They don’t need a lecture. They need a raise.

These two quotes show you which candidate is more on the 1% side, and which candidate is with the 99%.

Ben Carson – Wrong About Gay People!

It’s clear that Doctor Ben Carson doesn’t know anything about gay people.  It wasn’t enough that he said being gay is a choice – for which he caught a ton of slack.  But now he’s pushing on, saying that gay rights aren’t civil rights.  Why?

Because gay people never got segregated to a separate water fountain.

I’m sorry, Doctor Carson – have you forgotten “You’re gay so you can’t get married. How about a domestic partnership?”  Because domestic partnerships are the moral equivalent of “colored only” water fountains.  But Ben Carson doesn’t believe gay people have had to endure hardships – so it doesn’t count.